EGCO Group is committed to operating its power business along with highest responsibility towards the society, community, and environment to ensure sustainable business operation. The Company has strong intention to reduce negative impacts and increase positive impacts along with its business processes. Our target is to develop EGCO Group’s environmental management and harmonious coexistence with local communities.

EGCO Group is committed to improving efficiency in its environmental operation surpassing industrial standards. The Company reported an environmental operation results covering operational performance which have already started commercial operations and controlling power domestically and overseas. Major environmental issues addressed included:

  1. Water Stewardship
  2. Air Pollution Management
  3. Waste Management

Moreover, EGCO recognizes that climate change is a defining global challenge. It is essential that transit an energy model with reliable power and declining GHG emission. As a power generator, EGCO intends to energy efficiency in our operation and also have a responsibility to play our part in tracking climate change. 

Environmental Policy