Human Rights

Human Rights

Human rights is one of the key principles within good corporate governance and is essential to business operations. EGCO Group has thus continuously promoted both employees’ and suppliers’ understanding in human rights and respective guiding principle. The latter of which is in accordance with Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Promotion of human rights has long served as part of EGCO Group’s core values.






Management Approach

Human Right Policy

EGCO Group committed to respecting all human rights aspects. The company communicates its intention through the human rights policy and embeds it in the EGCO Group’s culture to be cover all dimensions. The policy serves as a guiding principle for employees, business partners, and suppliers. It exhibits the Group commitment and determination to conduct business with respect for human rights.

EGCO Group has conducted human rights due diligence and risk assessment at every business operation level, inclusive to activities within the Group’s supply chain. The process is in accordance to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP). It ensures that there will be no human rights violations in the Group’s external and internal operations, as well as within all stakeholder groups throughout the supply chain.