Our People

Our People

Employees are our most important asset for the organization success. Not only they are the ones achieving goals and targets facilitating company’s visions and missions, they are the representation of the company’s character. Therefore, EGCO Group emphasizes on the importance of our recruitment criteria. We look for personnel equipped with knowledge and attitudes that correspond to the company’s values and culture. 




Management Approach

Human Resource Management

EGCO Group treats all employees with equality in accordance to the United Nation Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), the Principles of Humanity and Human Rights of the International Labor Organization (ILO), and the Principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). 

1. Recruitment and Employment 

The recruitment process of potential candidates is conducted transparently under clear guidelines with respect to human rights and fair treatment of labor. The candidates are evaluated based on their qualifications and experiences related to the positions they applied for. The recruitment committee grades every potential candidate with equality according to the criteria listed on the interview evaluation form.

2. Fair and Appropriate Remuneration and Welfare 

EGCO Group finds importance in a fair and appropriate remuneration and welfare policy in accordance to the company’s performance. We are looking to provide financial stability for our employees which covers until after their termination or retirement. EGCO Group has defined clear criteria and guidelines for a consideration of salary raise through employee’s performance assessment, capabilities, and other qualities without any discrimination of gender, age, or race. Additionally, EGCO Group is offering provident fund, saving and personal loans from EGAT Savings and Credit Cooperative Limited including other benefits for employees which are in line with other peer companies in the industry.

3. Employee care and human capital development

EGCO Group supports every level of employees in learning, training, and expertise developments to prepare for EGCO Group’s continuous expansion. We create a corporate culture with learning at the core. Learning is an important ground for growth and development, both for the employees and the company. The yearly trainings and workshops are planned according to the Training Needs analysis, performance assessment results, the company’s policies and strategies, and related laws and regulations. EGCO Group’s in-house training is therefore specific to the developmental needs of our employees tailored to their tasks and responsibilities. We are preparing our personnel in case there’s a need for adaptation on an organizational scale as well as succession of important positions in the future. EGCO Group’s personnel has an option to join external training programs and seminars related to their field of work as well.

4. Fair performance evaluation

Evaluations conducted according to the performance efficacy and related skills with an emphasis on operational results of the employee.

5. Employee engagement survey

EGCO Group has been conducting employee engagement surveys continuously throughout the years and has taken those results into improving our operations, human capital developments, and employees’ welfare. We take their concerns and make improvements to ensure a happy working environment for our personnel. EGCO group believes that happy employees with pride in their organization are the most efficient.

Human Capital Management System Reformation

EGCO Group has established a shot-term plan for human capital management system reformation to address urgent issues including performance assessment management system development and implementation, talent management system implementation, compensation structure implementation, and redesigning competency model. The short-term plan is in effect alongside a 3-year development plan for a sustainable human capital management system which is a human resource management paradigm-shift. 

EGCO Group is determined to build strong foundation and raise awareness among employees as well as influencing the human capital management system reformation for the sustainability in the new paradigm of human resource management.

Learning and Innovative Culture

EGCO Group greatly values innovation; therefore, we are committed to encourage the culture of learning through skill developments. Not only will our employees improve the company’s quality and efficacy, but the innovative culture will help EGCO Group create new business opportunities in the future as well. 

EGCO Group has organized step-by-step innovation workshops to encourage our employees to present their creative ideas and innovations that could benefit the organization in greater efficacy through an internal innovation competition, “EGCO Group InnoPower”












Diversity and Inclusion

EGCO group values diversity and inclusion in the workplace whichareapplied to all functions inthe organization as it creates acceptance among our people with the awareness of equality, diversity, and inclusion. Also, we have been operating our business following the international standards regarding the diversity and inclusion such as UN Global Compact, and ILO conventions, to enhance our corporate sustainable growth, resulting in retention, higher engagement, resilience and strong competitive advantage in business operations due to different but proactive perspectives and experiences




Ethnicity/ Nationality



  • Increase the portion of women to at least 50% for junior management, and at least 30% for all management positions, revenue-generating functions, and total workforce by 2025.
  • Achieve gender balanced workforce with 50% of women for target STEM-related positions which is core to business by 2025.
  • Create enabling conditions and workforce development to improve diverse ethnicity and nationality in all positions.


  • create an inclusive work environment, with particular attention to disability, LGTQI+ identification, age, language and other minorities







  • Promote Diversity & inclusion culture to enhance EGCO Group with directors, executives and employees, who are experts, equipped with skill, knowledge, competency, and experiences in necessary areas to EGCO group, which consider as a major force leading EGCO group to sustainability
  • Create and maintain our workplace environment that encourages compassion and open-mindedness, reinforcing our commitment to a culture of inclusivity
  • Provide equal opportunity at all level in every country we operate
  • Continuously improve diversity and inclusion indicators
  • Expand education on Diversity & Inclusion within EGCO Group in the form that best fits our specific culture and business.