Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

To generate electricity efficiently and without interruptions, supply chain management, which minimizes possible risks that may affect electricity generation, is necessary to operate business in a sustainable manner. This is a key priority for EGCO Group. Achieving sustainability throughout the supply chain arises by adhering to a core principle: to create sustainable growth with suppliers.

Management Approach

EGCO Group’s sustainable supply chain management approach follows the UN Global Compact’s framework. The framework consists of six steps: 
(1) announce commitment to sustainable supply chain management
(2) assess ESG risks and impacts across the entire supply chain
(3) define goals, strategies, and policies for sustainable supply chain management 
(4) implement strategies, policies, and work plans 
(5)   measure and monitor progress
(6) communicate strategies and work processes to suppliers for continuous improvement.

Procurement Policy

EGCO Group is firmly committed to business sustainability for the entire supply chain as well as conduct the ethical business with excellence, transparency and fair treatment by applying good corporate governance, environment management, and social responsibility approaches, including international framework alignment. The Procurement Policy covers all the subsidiaries that EGCO has an operational control and will communicate to employees and suppliers, including all stakeholders to create awareness and acknowledgement as a framework for business conduction.  

Supplier Code of Conduct

EGCO group has developed the Supplier Code of Conduct in line with the 10 principles of the UNGC and other internal standards, including the industry material topics as a guidance applying to all EGCO group’s suppliers. This Supplier Code of Conduct comprises to 8 areas:


Supplier ESG Risk Management

EGCO Group's Supply Chain Management Procedure

EGCO Group’s Supply Chain Management Performance