Employee Caring

Employee Caring

Human resource management and organizational development policy focuses on developing personnel competitiveness to support domestic and overseas business expansion. The right organizational structure and manpower planning have been in place. Employees at all levels have been developed to enhance capability and to deliver good performance that enables the Company to achieve its targets while driving their own progress in career path. Employee engagement has also been promoted to retain talented people to continue working for the Company.

Corporate Core Value

EGCO has enjoyed continuous growth throughout these years thanks to strong corporate core value adopted and implemented by our employees. The core value that navigates the entire organization into the same direction are as follows:

  1. Teamwork: EGCO Team synergizes team members’ capability and knowledge to support and share with one other to drive the organization towards its goal.
  2. Result-oriented: Being professionals, our people optimize their expertise and knowledge to win over obstacles and challenges and bring about excellence.
  3. Innovation: Our people relentlessly initiate, learn, develop and improve work process as well as create innovations that bring greater benefits to the company, society and the environment.
  4. Ethics and Integrity: We are committed to operating our business with accuracy, ethics, integrity and discipline as well as respecting the company’s rules and regulations and laws so as to strengthen corporate image and reputation.
  5. Stakeholder concerns: We treat all stakeholders with fairness and responsibility towards the society, community and the environment.

EGCO emphasizes on taking care of “personnel” or its employees, starting from recruiting employees with knowledge and expertise under appropriate recruitment and employment policy and clear guidelines in line with “respect for human rights” and “fair treatment for labor” as follows:

  1. Recruitment and selection shall be proceeded with consideration of success, moral, equality, competency, and necessity for business operation of EGCO Group.
  2. Recruitment and selection shall be carried out only when there is vacancy according to the approved manpower plan.
  3. Selection shall be conducted by the responsible committee so that an appropriate person is employed regardless of personal relationship, privilege or any enticement.
  4. EGCO Group has a policy to avoid employment of relatives or spouses of employees whether they have the same surnames or not to ensure transparency in its operation and to avoid favoritism that will affect its business management under a code of conduct according to corporate governance principles.

EGCO has set a policy on appropriate remuneration and welfare being consistent with the Company’s operational performance. EGCO’s Employees Provident Fund has been established to provide its employees with a stable financial security after their termination of employment or retirement. EGCO also provides other welfare programs on a par with leading peers in the industry for its employees, such as membership of EGAT Saving and Credit Cooperative Limited.

EGCO participates in the annual Salary Survey in cooperation with HR Power Network, consisting of human resource units in power business. The HR Power Network has continuously exchanged ideas and information on human resource management, especially employee remuneration and welfare package. That information is applied to develop and improve the criteria for EGCO Group’s employee remuneration.

In addition, EGCO promotes long-term savings and assists employees in their investment plan through annual training and knowledge sharing on investment planning, saving and financial management held in cooperation with SET and asset managment companies.

EGCO is committed to improving competency of its employees at all levels to ensure they have competence and expertise to support EGCO Group’s continuous business expansion. This also prepares high potential ones to assume key positions in the future. Many tools are used, including inhouse and outside trainings, on the job training, job rotation and job assignment. Personnel development plan is linked to employees’ competencies, including core competency, managerial competency, and functional competency. Corporate values and culture are instilled in all employees to pave a concrete foundation for the Company’s coherent growth and development.

EGCO has conducted an employee’s loyalty survey to find out whether employees are happy and proud of the company, see the value in their works and are ready to dedicate time and efforts for achievement. The survey results have been analyzed jointly by the Company and the advisor team and used for drawing plans and designing activities to improve employees’ loyalty towards the Company.

Respect for Human Rights and Fair Treatment for Labor

EGCO has set up a Welfare Committee in the workplace. The committee members are elected by employees with a maximum of two year term in dealing with welfare matters and recommendations beneficial to welfare arrangement. Also, there are communication channels for employees to voice concerns and file complaints on working and living in the workplace. Any recommendations will be seriously considered and corrective actions will be carried out in order to achieve mutual benefits and promote good relationship at work. So far, there has been no report or complaint on violation of human rights and unfair labor treatment.

Moreover, EGCO has expressed its intention to promote and strengthen relations system between the Company and its labor unions along with legitimate labor organizations through the establishment of two labor unions, namely executive labor union and operational labor union. Guidelines and procedures dealing with the labor unions have been developed as practice standards to ensure clarity, compliance with labor laws, fair labor treatment, and mutual understanding.