Other Related Power Business

Other Related Power Business

In addition to power business, EGCO Group operates other related power businesses, comprising power service, coal mine and oil pipeline business.

  1. Power Service Provision Business

    EGCO holds 100% stake in EGCO Engineering and Service Company Limited (ESCO) which provides operation, maintenance, engineering and construction services to power plants, petrochemical plants, oil refineries and other industries. ESCO’s services are as follows:

    • Operation and Maintenance Service

      ESCO has marked with proven experience and expertise in power plant operation and maintenance services provided to both thermal power plants and combined-cycle power plants. The services, provided by our highly experienced and well-trained employees, range from the initial phases, including equipment testing and power plant inspection before hand-over, to commercial operation. Additionally, the Company provides other related services such as O&M personnel training, technical services and specialized tests.

    • Maintenance Service

      ESCO provides a diverse range of maintenance services to various industries thanks to its great pool of highly experienced people. The services are designed to match the specific needs of customers including scheduled shutdowns for maintenance, general equipment maintenance under contract, emergency and issues handling, and 24-hour emergency service. The Company also has expertise in maintaining machinery, electricity system and control & monitoring equipment. 

    • Engineering & Energy Service

      ESCO’s engineers have long experience and has capabilities in project development and management, engineering design, project management as well as procurement and construction. The Company’s services cover turnkey (EPC) of small to medium-sized projects such as system expansion, power plant improvement, high-voltage stations, pumping stations and power distribution substations and water pumping stations, etc. It can handle all activities from groundwork preparation tos services has focused on civil, structure, pipeline, installation, mechanical, test and commissioning for projects, electrical work, and control system & monitoring equipment.

  2. Coal Mine Business

    EGCO Group indirectly holds 40% stake in PT Manambang Muara Enim (MME), which owns and operates an open-pit mine namely “Manambang Muara Enim”, located in Muara Enim,South Sumatra, Indonesia. It has the concession agreement from Indonesian government for28 years since March 2010 to March 2038. The project has mineable coal reserves of 140 million tons. The sales volume of MME in 2016 was at 1.12 million tons.

  3. Oil Pipeline Business

    EGCO Group holds 44.6% stake in Thai Pipeline Network Co., Ltd. (TPN), which provides oil pipeline transportation service to the northeastern region of Thailand and oil depot service, to operate the oil pipeline extension to the northeast of Thailand project. 

    TPN will expand its oil pipeline system to the northeast of Thailand. The pipeline will connect the oil depot owned by Thai Petroleum Pipeline Co., Ltd. (Thappline) in Saraburi to TPN’s 142-milion-liter oil depot in Khon Kaen through a newly constructed 342.8-kilometer underground pipeline.The pipeline will have the total capacity of 5,443 million liters and can be boosted to 7,338 million liters in the future. The project is under construction and will start its operations in the fourth quarter of 2021.