Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

EGCO Group aims at fostering good corporate governance through compliance with the governing laws and regulations including the Code of Best Practices for Directors of Listed Companies and Good Corporate Governance Principles provided by the Stock Exchange of Thailand. 


Good Corporate Governance Principles


Anti-Corruption Policy

The Board of Directors set EGCO Group’s Anti-Corruption Policy, emphasizing on measures to prevent and prohibit every form of direct and indirect bribery and corruption. EGCO Group will not participate in any bribery or corruption of government officials, public as well as private sectors in order to gain competitive advantages.


Code of Conduct

EGCO Group requires all directors and employees to participate in initiating, contributing and being responsible for the company's mission by complying with the company's Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct contains the Company's comprehensive list of policies and describes the performance standards expected from all directors and employees. Everyone in EGCO Group is required to regularly review this booklet to ensure the accurate working practices.


Charter of Lead Independent Director

The Charter of Lead Independent Director is established to define the qualifications, term of office, role and responsibilities of the Lead Independent Director (“Lead Director”), appointed by the Board of Directors (“the Board”), with the nomination of the independent directors. The Lead of Independent Director shall support the activities of the Board in compliance to the corporate governance principles and take care the interests of every party with fairness.