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EGCO Group Selected for 1st Time as DJSI Member in Emerging Markets Index

16 November 2020

Electricity Generating Public Company Limited or EGCO Group raises the bar in Thailand’s power industry as it became Thailand’s first member of Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) in the Emerging Markets Index in Electric Utilities category 2020. The achievement clearly underlines the Company’s commitment to sustainable business operations.

Mr. Thepparat Theppitak, EGCO Group’s President, said, “We are thrilled and proud that EGCO Group has become Thailand’s first electricity generating company to be selected as a member of DSJI Emerging Markets Index. This is a clear proof that our corporate sustainability standard matches with internationally-accepted standards. It also emphasizes the Company’s commitment to operate sustainable business with responsibility and intention to protect and promote environment and social development, according to our “Energy for Life” vision.”

EGCO Group’s sustainable business practice concept focuses on growing our business by adhering to transparency and accountability practice. In parallel, EGCO Group concentrates on being a good corporate citizen who lives in harmony with the environment, surrounding community and the general public. The Company also dedicates to creating added value to all stakeholders, both internal and external stakeholders. For internal stakeholders, EGCO Group has made the responsibility towards its stakeholders a part of the corporate value, created awareness and solid action in reducing adverse impact on the environment, community and the general public. At the same time, the Company has been trying to expand positive impact from its business and operation process on the environment, surrounding communities and the public. From there, the Company has expanded this concept to outsiders by encouraging its employees to optimize their own capability and volunteer spirit by joining local and national communities in implementing environmental and sustainable projects. More importantly, these actions have been developed based on EGCO Group’s business ethics principle.

“Being selected as DJSI member is a significant success driven by our Board of Director’s support at corporate policy level, executives who are the change agents, and the cooperation from all employees and stakeholders. All parties have clear vision and goal in driving the company towards sustainability. It is with sustainability that will drive business expansion across all areas, from economy to society and the environment, which will create long-term return to shareholders. More importantly, we all have to ensure of creating a good balance of our business amidst the challenging situation we are facing today,” said Mr. Thepparat.

About DJSI
Established by the cooperation between S&P Global and SAM, DJSI is another index used as a standard to assess operational effectiveness of any world’s leading companies, ensuring effective operations across economic, environmental, social and good governance aspects. DJSI is also a referral index for international funds for their investment decision. A DJSI member company can generate good return on investment and create long-term investment to all stakeholders.