EGCO Group trains over 160 “energy teachers” to transfer knowledge on energy and environmental conservation to young generation

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EGCO Group trains over 160 “energy teachers” to transfer knowledge on energy and environmental conservation to young generation

24 May 2023

In optimizing its expertise in electricity generation as well as energy and environmental conservation, Electricity Generating Public Company Limited or EGCO Group  has successfully trained 161  teachers via its 4 batches of Energy Teachers” Online Training program using Khanom Learning Center Virtual Exhibition and digital media. Participants who completed the course are ready to transfer their knowledge on electricity generation and promote conservation of energy and the environment. The assessment at the end of the online training program assured that all the participants can practically apply the knowledge and skills obtained into real action both in their classrooms and daily lives. At the same time, the training hours can be used as proof of professional skill enhancement and development.

Mr. Thepparat Theppitak, EGCO Group’s President, said that throughout the company’s 31 years of journey in the electricity generation and energy business, EGCO Group has been educating the general public, especially young people and teachers who disseminate such knowledge to others, and creating correct understanding about energy and the environment. In 2022, the Company has developed  and launched the “Energy Teacher” online training course to promote sustainable energy and environmental conservation digital learning and teaching practice for the 21st century through Khanom Learning Center Virtual Exhibition. The training topics cover the origin of electricity, electricity generating process, energy and environmental conservation. Focusing on primary and secondary school teachers and any interested persons, EGCO Group aims to enhance teachers’ capability to effectively use digital tools to support their teaching and knowledge dissemination. The online training program was certified by the Office of Basic Education Commission (OBEC) and the teachers can use the training hours to apply for upgrading their academic ranks.

EGCO Group has already held 4 batches of “Energy Teacher” online trainings with 161 participants completed the program, including 131 teachers, 24 interested persons and 4 students. The assessment at the end of the program showed that the 161 participants’ knowledge about power generation and conservation of energy and the environment has significantly improved. They also demonstrated abilities to apply their knowledge and tools from the Khanom Learning Center Virtual Exhibition in their teaching as well as in their daily lives. In addition, they can also transfer such knowledge to people in their communities.

“EGCO Group congratulated all the 161 participants of the “Energy Teacher” online course for their achievement. They will play more important role in promoting understanding and knowledge about energy and environmental conservation among young people who will become our future and be responsible for community and national development. This has created positive impact that inspires sustainable development of the society and the environment,” said Mr. Thepparat.


Miss Rossarin Bunpheng, a government science teacher at Ban Khao Rab School, Lopburi province, said, “I found that the education tools and activities in this course are very interesting and they can be applied to improve environmental development projects in school. Building a corner inaclassroom to educate students about how to save energy and recycle things, and creating new useful stuffs from wastes are among activities that can add value to our current activities. We can use some online learning tools from Khanom Learning Center Virtual Exhibition in our classes and introduce our students to the various electricity generating process and environmental conservation in surrounding power plant areas. At the same time, teachers attending this course can also accumulate their training hours to meet with teacher development criteria.”


Mrs. Chattiphon Rattanamalee, a senior professional level science teacher at Loei Provincial Administrative Organization 1 (Mueangbang Wittayakom) school, said, “I decided to join this training program because I wanted to improve myself and integrate new knowledge to my teaching about environmental conservation, energy and science for grad 7 and senior high school students.. After completing this training, I did apply the virtual education tools from the Khanom Learning Center Virtual Exhibition to my teaching. This has helped my students to expand their research and knowledge. Knowledge sharing in classroom then became more interesting. Those online tools are very useful in emphasizing the value of energy, natural resources, and the environment. Our students also have fun creating new things from wastes.”