Safety, Occupational Health and Environment

Safety, Occupational Health and Environment

               Building a culture that focuses on occupational health and safety promotes effective working conditions for employees, suppliers, contractors, as well as other related personnel, where they are able to work continuously, in parallel to maintaining hygiene. In addition, managing power plants with the utmost determination and care towards safety helps to build confidence and trust in the surrounding communities. 





Management Approach

Goals in 2020:  
Safety – safe operations

  • Zero Fatality

  • Zero Lost Time Injury

Promote Healthy Lifestyle

  • Organize at least two activities to promote good health per year

Working Environment – ensure safe working environment

  • Assess working environment to ensure higher safety standards than legal requirements

Long-term Sustainability Goals for 2020-2024:

  • Review policies and occupational health management and work safety guidelines in accordance with the ISO 45001 standards

  • Zero Fatality

  • Zero Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) for Both Short-term and Long-term

  • Monitor Operations and Working Environment in Accordance to Local Laws and Regulations

Safety, Health and Environment Policy

                EGCO Group has established its occupational health and safety policy and guidelines, which align with the Company Policy, of which the company strictly adheres to demonstrate the commitment as an organization, It also serves as a framework for management of safety, health and environment.

Safety Health and Environment Policy

Occupational Health Committee And Safety of EGCO Group

             EGCO Group has established a Occupational health Committee And Safety of EGCO Group, which consists of executives, workers, and safety officers at both the headquarters and power plants. The Committee establishes the direction, rules, and governance of operations, through the improvement and development of safety for EGCO Group’s subsidiaries. The SHE Committee is also responsible for developing the Safety Health and Environment Management System Manual, which serves as internal guidelines for the EGCO Group. Meetings are organized to report on and receive feedback regarding the operations, to be in line with legal requirements and safety standards in the workplace. Furthermore, the committee promotes and supports activities related to safety in the workplace, including the consistent monitoring of safety operations and applying the information to inform operations planning.


Promotion of worker quality of life and well-being

             EGCO Group power plants organized activities to promote health and well-being, which consist of exercise and various sports events such as soccer, petanque, and bowling. The activities and campaigns continuously support health matters, including providing information regarding the prevention of COVID-19 and dengue fever in addition to other health-related concerns. Particularly during the COVID-19 crisis, the company has closely managed the situation to prevent and monitor severe issues within the power plant operating area.



Power Plants Promoting Healthy Lifestyle

Frequency / Year































Surveillance and screening to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic within the office and operating

Examples of employee health and well-being supporting activities

  • KEGCO power plant organized activities and campaigns to promote and provide information regarding COVID-19 prevention. Additionally, publicity relations notification for the National Safety Day were displayed in working areas at the power plants.

  • RG power plant organized health supporting activities for employees and their close contacts, such as notification regarding the prevention of COVID-19, heat stroke, and dengue fever.

  • Solarco power plant joined the opening ceremony Anti-drug Sports Competition by Hin Mun Subdistrict Administrative Organization. Employees participated in the Sepak Takraw and Petanque competitions with the community.

Worker Training and Activities to Promote Occupational Health & Safety

                EGCO Group is committed to build knowledge, understanding, and awareness of occupational and personal safety for employees and contractors consistently, by improving occupational safety standards. Operations consists of assessing and managing risk, which includes organizing occupational health and safety training on a continuous basis for both employees and contractors. The objective is to ensure that all individuals is able to perform work in a safe manner, beyond set standards, at all times, and these measures are incorporated into EGCO Group’s emergency response plan, in line with the Company’s SHE Policy.










Emergency Preparedness and Crisis in Power Plants

            A prompt and effective response in the event of emergency or crisis builds confidence that the power plants’ production is able to operate in a continuous manner, as well as not creating any safety risks to the surrounding community and environment. Therefore, all power plants have set an emergency and crisis contingency plan, and conducted contingency drills for emergencies that are dangerous and may affect life, resources, and the environment. These drills include the evacuation of workers from the site and coordination with surrounding communities in the event that the emergency is severe enough to affect those communities.

EGCO Group power plants hold an annual emergency drill which includes fire extinguishing and fire evacuation drills, chemical spillage, disaster control, oil spill, oil stain removal, and emergency response plans in case of a flood.