Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition

EGCO Group received the “Investors’ Choice Award” for 2014 shareholders’ annual general meeting evaluation with full scores, the 8th consecutive year, from Thai Investors Association.

EGCO Group received the “2014 Best Corporate Social Responsibility” award as an excellent listed company in integrating business operations with social responsibility, hosted by SET awards 2014 and the Finance and Banking magazine.

EGCO Group received the “CSR Recognition 2014” award for a listed company with the strong determination towards corporate social and environmental responsibility hosted.

EGCO Group received the “Best Sustainability Report 2014” award, aiming to help elevate the list companies’ information disclosure, hosted by CSR Club, Thai Listed Companies Association in cooperation with the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as Thaipat Institute.

EGCO Group received the “Excellent Green Office” award, for the company with the strong commitment to environmental friendliness and sustainable use of resources and energy.

Khanom Electricity Generating Ltd., a subsidiary of EGCO Group, received the “EIA Monitoring Awards 2014” by the National Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning Office under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

EGCOM Tara, a subsidiary of EGCO Group, received the “Certificate of Standard for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR-DIW Continuous)” for the 5 th consecutive year by Ministry of Industry.