Participation in Development of Community and Society

Participation in Development of Community and Society

          ECGO Group’s mission is to be a good member of society and care for the communities and environment to maximize positive impacts and support the co-existence of the power plant, the environment, and communities while also developing sustainability within the organization. With the vision to be the leading company in Thailand that operates sustainably, with care for environmental conservation and social development. Together with the belief that “A good start will lead to a successful outcome”, ECGO Group has set up a policy and management approach for social responsibility and encourages the employees to enhance their potential capabilities and be more involved in volunteering. Furthermore, the company commits to reducing its negative impacts and increasing its positive impacts to stakeholders, the environment, community, and society throughout its business processes and activities. ECGO Group’s principle for project implementation is the consideration for communities and society and becoming a member and supporting the social networks on different sustainability manners, both at a local and national level.

EGCO Group’s Commitment and Approach

          In order to ensure that the development of the communities and society throughout its business processes and in all areas of ECGO Group’s operations are going in the same direction and maintaining the same standards. Moreover, ECGO Group has implemented the management, monitoring, evaluation, and continuous development processes. As a result, the Company has set up a policy for its management structure, management approach, operating framework, and strategy revision, as well as, KPI setting for issues in 2020 as an operational guideline for ECGO Group, as follows:


EGCO Group focuses on collaborating with the communities in the vicinity of power plants in implementing projects beneficial to the society. The Company sets guidelines for corporate participation in development of communities surrounding the power plants and development of society as follows:

          EGCO Group establishes a community and social development policy and guidelines as its operational approach to enable continuous and efficient community and society development operations. Furthermore, this promotes engagement among internal functional units and related personnel to understand and apply the policy into action to ensure alignment across all functional units. The company has also established a policy to review and verify the information by an advisory committee consisting of Executive Vice President Management level, senior management, and plant-level managing directors. The committee reviews the information prior to its release consistently to ensure its accuracy, timeliness, and appropriateness to the context and situation. In addition, community operations results are reported to the advisory committee on a quarterly basis. Furthermore, communities can directly communicate their suggestions and report grievances through the EGCO Group’s various channels.

          In parallel, the company has organized a working plan in accordance with the internationally accepted approach by giving importance to the community surrounding the Group’s power plants. A Working Group was established to precisely manage and determine the approach of various projects to promote participation in developing the quality of life for communities. This is to protect and mitigate the impacts or risks related to the community and environment as well as co-creating business benefits so that the community can live sustainably.

EGCO Group’s community operations framework

The company has set a community operations framework which is under the promotion and development of the “community’s quality of life” in areas surrounding the power plants, which consist of three phases, with the following processes and operations:

Operations on community and society development mainly cover three areas as below:

Promotion and development of  “Quality of life of communities” surrounding power plants

Moreover, the Company has also set up a framework to improve the community and society’s quality of life. This framework consists of six principles, as follows:

Major Quality of Life Enhancement Projects

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Sukjai Volume 43 (Apr-Jun 2024)


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Promotion of energy and environmental conservation learning among the “Youth”

Considering that children and youth are very important as they will grow up and become key driver of all future development, the Company has therefore supported and conducted energy and environmental activities for youth through both inside the classroom and hands-on experience outside the classroom as well as instilled public mindedness. Such learning will finally lead to the nation’s success in sustainable development.

Highlighted Projects on Promotion of Energy and Environmental Conservation Learning among the Youth

Conservation of “Watershed Forest

EGCO Group realizes the importance of conservation of such natural resources as forest and water, especially watershed forest, which is a source of natural water that originates streams and rivers as factors essential to all living things. It has thus promoted cooperation in sustainable forest preservation for the next generation through operations of Thai Conservation of Forest Foundation (TCOF).


ECGO Group has continuously collaborated with external organizations such as community enterprise, local government, and government at the national level, by becoming a member and supporting the social networks on different sustainability manners, mainly the organizations as follows:

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