Participation in Development of Community and Society

Participation in Development of Community and Society

EGCO Group has operated business with regard to participation in the community and society development starting from the communities in the vicinity of power plants, covering openly disclosure of factual information and promotion of appropriate participation of the society before, during and after completion of construction of power plants. There is a process in place to assess and rectify possible impacts on the communities. Moreover, EGCO Group has cooperated with local and national agencies in initiating projects and activities for the communities and society on a continual basis.


EGCO Group focuses on collaborating with the communities in the vicinity of power plants in implementing projects beneficial to the society. The Company sets guidelines for corporate participation in development of communities surrounding the power plants and development of society as follows:

Operations on community and society development mainly cover three areas as below:

Promotion and development of  “Quality of life of communities” surrounding power plants

EGCO Group has jointly initiated and developed projects under the framework of improvement of quality of life of the communities surrounding the power plants, which includes the following:

  1. Support of local employment
  2. Development of children and youth
  3. Development of skills beneficial to occupation
  4. Promotion of sanitation of the community
  5. Development of public utilities
  6. Conservation of natural resources and environment

Major Quality of Life Enhancement Projects

Community Relations Newsletter “Sukjai”

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Sukjai Volume 31 (Jan-Mar 2021)


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Promotion of energy and environmental conservation learning among the “Youth”

Considering that children and youth are very important as they will grow up and become key driver of all future development, the Company has therefore supported and conducted energy and environmental activities for youth through both inside the classroom and hands-on experience outside the classroom as well as instilled public mindedness. Such learning will finally lead to the nation’s success in sustainable development.

Highlighted Projects on Promotion of Energy and Environmental Conservation Learning among the Youth

Conservation of “Watershed Forest

EGCO Group realizes the importance of conservation of such natural resources as forest and water, especially watershed forest, which is a source of natural water that originates streams and rivers as factors essential to all living things. It has thus promoted cooperation in sustainable forest preservation for the next generation through operations of Thai Conservation of Forest Foundation (TCOF).


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